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Hi! Yet again, no update. I really am not true to my word, right? But this week (from the 23rd to the 30th) has been full of events and, as usual, I shall express all of it here, so be prepared.

For those of you that didn't know (and I guess if you receive notifications from LJ or DW you were aware at some point), I turned 20 last Tuesday. The two previous days I had suffered a small crisis about how fast time passes by, and I had feared these thoughts would ruin my birthday. Fortunately, I was wrong.

Precisely at midnight, some college driends congratulated me, and my parents sang "Las Mañanitas" (our typical Mexican birthday song) before leaving to work, which I loved. At nine, I met with my cousin, who gave me a surprisingly delicious chocolate cupcake (if you consider that I'm really picky about which chocolates I eat, whis was a pleasant surprise. An hour later, I went to have brunch with two of my friends (one of which was my current crush). I received ultra tight hugs from them, and you won't hear me complaining :)

After my parents finished work, they told me to choose what we would eat (considering I LOVE FOOD, this was a great gift for me). We went to eat Mexican food, and seriously, even if we eat that too often - what with being Mexican and Mexican food being part of our basic diet - everything was YUM! After eating, we had to go and do some errands, and we ran into one of my aunts. I hadn't seen her in a long time and she congratulated me right away. I was honestly surprised that she remembered so I was happy.~

The next day, I had planned to go out with some friends to eat sushi to celebrate my birthday, and they had insisted on me inviting my crush because they wanted to meet her properly. I risked it and fif it, honestly expecting a 'no' because she goes to school in the afternoons and I was already going to see her on Sunday, but she surprised me by saying yes, which... I really wasn't expecting.

Unfortunately, she ended up not being able to come because schoolwork got in the way, which I completely understood. The good thing was that she wouldn't meet my not-subtle-at-all friends, since they were "threatening" with telling her about my crush on her. Ha, ha. So I ended up going only with my friends from university. We had a great time and ate A LOT, but no one regretted it.


On Thursday, I thought I was free, but I received a call from my aunt (not the one I saw on Tuesday), inviting me to eat pizza to celebrate my birthday, since she had been busy until then. I quickly agreed. Seriously, three days in a row, eating delicious food? I was in heaven! My aunt, uncle and three cousins had a good time and they all made jokes about "you're too old for our crew now" and that I had "abueleado" (Abuelo means grandfather in Spanish, so basically they said I became a grandparent overnight xD)

On Friday, I decided to give myself a present: to go and see the University Orchestra play Carmina Burana. Almost 5 or 6 years ago, then I was in the choir, I got the chance to sing that, and I loved it so much that now I wanted to enjoy it as an espectator. Originally, my mom was going to go with me, but she was busy so I ended up going with my brother. When we arrived at the theater, I was scared and let down because the tickets had SOLD OUT. We risked it and stood on the line to enter anyways. It turned out that university students could enter for free with a plus one. This seemed to be an ENORMOUS coincidence, and it saved the whole evening. 

I loved Carmina Burana so muc that I didn't stop smiling until I stepped out of the theater. By the end, my cheeks were hurting and I was glad to see my brother enjoyed it as much as I did. While we waited for our mom to pick us up, my brother told me he had some money and invited me to eat MORE TACOS. I said yes, of course, and my mom just rolled her eyes when we told her we had already eaten.


On Saturday, my mom and her classmates celebrated their graduation. Three years ago, my mom decided to study psychopedagogy in a sabbatical program and she managed to graduate before me (go, mom!) and they decided to celebrate doing a big get together, since most of her generation were grown ups with families and such, so something just for them wouldn't be the best.

We spent the whole day in a... ranch? I would call it a ranch. A lot of my aunts and uncles came, as well as colleagues from my mom's work and of course her family. She and all of us had a great time, even if I was forced to dance with my grandpa and some weird dude asked me if I wanted to dance (I flat out said no and he insisted! I felt so awkward because I didn't know why he was asking ME when he could ask literally everybody else).

The get together ended at 9 pm so we arrived home quite late and really tired. As gifts, my mom received a pretty notebook and a book about the struggles of learning. I was happy to see her proud of herself, as she definitely deserves to feel that way.


On Sunday, a friend from university had invited the whole group to see his band play at a fest. Even without knowing who would and wouldn't come, I decided to invite my crush, as in... let's go together just you and me, and she had accepted. I paid for her ticket and anything, which I don't do for anybody so she is really special xD. We arrived at 4:30, to receive the tickets, but the event started at 5, so we walked around the center of the city for a while. At 5-ish, we decided to go to the venue, which turned out to be a bar. Fortunately we carried our IDs (legal age in Mexico is 18 so no illegal matters were committed), so we could enter the place. 

We thought we would buy some snacks there but BLOODY HELL IT WAS EXPENSIVE. For a good comparison, let's say: A regular taco is from 8 to 10 pesos. A taco from a taco-only restaurant is 14-16 pesos. A taco from that freaking bar was 21 PESOS EACH. So we ended up buying one beer each and shared a serving of chicken wings (and I only get to drink when I'm at places like this, something that happens rarely, as both occasions have been documented here and you can check it XD).

My friend's band was AMAZING. His band is currently called Sarmiento Jam, this is because the band is him and his three siblings, all with that last name, obviously. In the streets they are known as The Four, when they cover The Beatles songs beautifully. However, this was the first time I got to see them perform live. Each sibling sang a song, they played guitars, bass, drums, some wicked keyboards and a FLUTE. Seriously, I'll make a post just about them I liked them that much.

We left the bar after they performed because the next band was shit xD We were still hungry so we bought an order of french fries for both of us. We walked around again and I finally left almost at 8 pm. When I got on the bus I noticed I had forgotten to give her back some papers she had given me because they didn't fit on her bag, so we arranged to meet the next day because she needed them. Otherwise, that Sunday was perfect.


On Monday, I woke up feeling soo negative you wouldn't believe it. All because I had a dream and I thought for a minute that it was true. And it went a little like this (let's practice this fic-writing skills because I'm rusted af):

I was sitting next to her, glancing too often at her hand, wondering how weird it would be if I were to just hold it, without saying anything else. When I saw her shifting next to me I looked away, afraid of getting caught and having to give an explanation.

I was startled when I felt her hand taking mine. I quickly turned around to meet her eyes, completely confused about what was going on. She smiled a little and said,

"Don't worry. I already know."

My face heated up and my heart started racing. "You already know..."

"The crush thing," she replied, confirming my fears. She squeezed my hand once. "Calm down, it's okay."

I took a few moments to calm down, taking deep breaths and wondering why she hadn't let go of my hand yet. Could this mean she wasn't disgusted by my feelings? I started to feel hopeful. 

"So, if you know..." I started, waiting for her to finish my sentence.

She smiled again, this time with something similar to compassion. "Sorry," she said, only then letting go of my hand, and I wished she hadn't. "I don't feel the same," she said, her tone apologizing.

I felt the beginnings of a broken heart within me, but I ignored that in favor of acknowledging she was still here.

"But you're still here," I blurted out, feeling embarrassed and rejected.

She shrugged. "I don't mind if you don't. It might be weird but we'll work it out," she stated.

"Yeah," I weakly smiled. "We will."

AAAAND CUT! Seriously, after the perfect Sunday my subconscious gets me rejected by the girl of my current dreams?! And those moments when I thought that had happened and I had to see her in a few hours? I felt AWFUL. I think that just increased my resolve of not saying anything and avoid making things obvious for her.

After the dream stopped being my priority, I prepared to go and see my crush, close to my mom's work. She was in a internet café (idk the term in English... places where you can use computers and they charge you by the minute/hour?), finishing some homework. I thought I would just deliver her papers and she would subtly tell me to leave, but she started talking about her homework, asking for my opinion and making fun of things together... I ended up spending half an hour with her, only leaving because I had to meet my mum at 2 pm.

I picked up my brother and we went home on the bus, and he suddenly decided he wanted to eat soup. Lucky him, soup is one of the few things I know how to prepare, so I agreed. Everything was going great until the stove flame was blown out (damn that wind!) and when I tried to start the fire again I touched the stove iron base and burnt my THUMB. I yelled and scared my little brother, but the pain went away fairly quickly and the burn didn't leave any marks. That's about it for that day.


Today, on Tuesday, I went with my cousin to see my godfather, to ask for a favor regarding some t-shirts to go and see Ed Sheeran on June 12th. After that, we went to buy donuts and ice cream. I swear I hate sweet things, but when I go out with my cousin she dares me to enjoy sweet stuff and I gladly do so.

Today I also had rehearsals with the Marching Band. We played all of our pieces and learnt a new cadence, which involved a lot of bass drum (my favorite, even if I almost never get the opportunity to play it), and I managed to nail it! Practicing makes me super happy so my mood was great when we finished. As we left, one of my friends from there remembered my birthday had been the previous week and bought me some corn (not candy corn, just... like... corn? Idk if it's usual) and I loved it, too!

When I got home, my crush told me she had a weird dream and she HAD to tell me about it. I shall quote her (translated) messages here:

*I'll just tell you how it ended, since it's the only thing I remember and you were there and it was important
*You and I were walking on the street to take the bus, but this was an unknown street
*So we were in a rush, I don't know why, and we reached a corner when we saw a building with some ads on the walls.
*And the ad was savage! It was the face of some woman, and next to her there was a text claiming:
*Durango's most heterosexual store
*And you and me stood there like "what the fuck"

So, first of all, I FEATURED IN HER DREAM, even if it was weird, I think it's cool! Second of all, what a weird dream. And finally, WHAT SORT OF STORE WOULD ADVERTISE ITSELF CLAIMING TO BE HETEROSEXUAL? This is an honest question and the answers I've got so far include boutiques, sex shops, Sears and Russian enterprises. What do you think?
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Glad to hear you had so much fun on your birthday week! :D Your week looks stellar and it makes me happy, you deserve it ^^

Such a strange dream she had, very... I honestly can't make sense of it? xD I know dreams not necessarily have to be understandable, but you know what they say about always having some sort of underlying meaning...
Date: 2017-06-01 10:34 am (UTC)

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Looks like you had a good week. Iā€™m glad you had good times. And how funny that you both dreamt of each other. Maybe one day you can tell her your dream too.

About that shop... I honestly don't know what kind of shop woulf advertice that way. A very creepy shop. But the good news is that, even though she dreamt about it, she still thinks it's just the weirdest thing. Tells you something about her stance on homosexuality šŸ˜‰.


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