Sunday, January 8th, 2017

Sunday, January 8th, 2017 02:39 am

Quick life update

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Ok so now I can scratch "going to a bar" and "wander in the city at 2 a.m." off my bucket list.
My mother allowed me to go to said bar to see this band perform a Muse tribute. It had the downside that the singer was female (and I respect it but I prefer Muse covers with a male leading voice) but I even drank a bottle of beer (another item off my list) and I went alone with my great friend and crush. It almost felt like a date, sure we hugged and talked a lot and had a great time but in a rock tribute, romance was obviously lacking. I almost wanted to be reckless and attack my crush somehow but I wasn't brave enough.
What can I do when literally the only difference between our current friendship and a potential relationship is the fact we don't kiss and we don't have the "couple" label?
Anyway, my crush loves Muse as much as I do and it was awesome to share these new experiences with her. Even if we freaked out as if we were in front of the real Muse xD



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