Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 03:57 am

Thesis Stuff

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Heya. Again, I have a lot of time and a high enough average grade that I don't need to worry about writing thesis yet (I'm halfway through my BA) but I have found a new passion and I think I need help developing this idea.

So, suddenly I've decided I would love to write something regarding English Language Learning or Teaching and... Inclusive Education.

The good/bad news is that both topics are HUGE so as far as I know I need to get a lot more specific with the topic. Regarding EL learning/teaching I would love to do:
a) Something where I could take advantage of my online persona (by this I mean maybe taking on subjects from other countries to make my thesis about a international issue, which would be awesome)
b) Something about the initial process of learning English as a Foreign/Second Language. As new learners, students often face classroom anxiety, change in their self-concept and other problems that are often filed away as ineptitude or a problematic behaviour.

Now, since Inclusive education involves literally every learner with Specific Educational Needs, I would need to specify just on one area OR treat SEN as a whole (but I'm afraid this might not be accepted), so I am specially interested in researching about the process of learning on blind or deaf students. I am also interested on students with speech disabilities but I feel like I would go nuts trying to find a neurolinguistic point of view regarding how they learn the language, but it is an option anyway.

I have 2-3 years before I actually have to worry about this, but if you have any ideas about how these two aspects can be linked to make one awesome (and most important, one socially relevant) thesis topic, let me know!

NOTE: If I ended up using an offensive or inappropriate term, I apologize. The barriers of language and the process of translation often makes way to misunderstandings (just yesterday I witnessed a Q&A session with some experts about the use of the words "handicapped", "disability" and "different abilites" and the experts themselves had completeƱy different points of view). So, if I made any mistake like that, let me know so I can use the right vocabulary


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