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In the hope of making friends (friends are always welcome!) and stop scaring people away, here is an introduction post to whatever weirdness you may find ahead. I'm awkward writing even to myself so I apologize in advance for any cringe worthy stuff you may be reading right now.

My name is Elena, I'm 20 years old, I'm from Mexico and I'm currently studying to become an English teacher. Yeah, that's about it, really. I have way too many likes and dislikes to write them here but most of the likes include Muse, breathtaking songs, playing instruments and shipping people. 

All entries are public since I don’t have a single discreet bone in my body.
I tend to talk a lot about my private live including relationships, stressful things in life and such, that can be found (or avoided) in the rant tag.

On the issue of...
I’ve started a more serious (ish?) line of writing! Something similar to essays (more like a mix between what I think is an essay and an article of opinion) to practice my writing and to keep my mind from rotting. Here I write about my thoughts on various issues (hence the tag) that may be useful or at least a simple way to waste your time and/or discuss with me.

Fic List (If you may call it that way, I haven’t written a lot but I'll put it under a cut anyway to be cool)

A Taste of Honey – From the V-Day Fic Exchange Prompt: Matthew and Dominic have been friends since they were 13 and Dominic had an instant crush on Matthew. But he decided to never act on it. Until, a few years later, Matthew complains to Dominic about not having anyone on Valentine's Day. Dominic decides to help him with that.
Arrhythmic – "As sure as they were, no one but the other could make them fail at what they do best".
Plan B for Best -  For Snowpremacy 2016: Sometimes it's good to do things unplanned.
Still Don't Know Why - Love got no reason, I simply stopped wondering why. Written for the [community profile] stellarclouds  February challenge: "I love you"

Heart's Desire - Everyone is born with their soulmate's name on their wrist. Finding them was nevertheless not that easy. Tony never even bothered registering in the first place, the name on his wrist was an indecipherable mess. Loki on the other hand was obsessed with looking for his soulmate, the one person who would accept, respect and love him for sure, just like he always longed for.
Sympathy for the Devil (WIP) - Tony's meeting is interrupted by the presence of a certainly-not-dead God of Mischief.Loki has come looking for an alliance with Midgard's mightiest heroes. Too bad the Avenger are not as they used to be and Loki has a lot of catching up to do.

Original works:
A Walk Through the End of The World[Original work] Writing Prompt: The last human being alive writes a message to someone who may one day read it. It is a foretelling of the end of the human race who has pillaged the resources and desolated the Earth.
New Born [Original work] Just break the silence cause I'm drifting away, away from you...
Unfortunate Soul [Oneshot based on my friend's original story] What happened to that little girl since the moment that her father showed his true self?



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