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Hello again! 

So, against my stage fright, I have decided to participate in yet another singing contest (I offered and no one forced/convinced me so I consider this a great step forwards to stop being so self conscious when I am in front of other people). Rules are the usual: Songs in Spanish are preferred, the song length should not be more than 4 minutes, etc. 

I had some strong song options when I remembered a song I really love: My Reflection, from Mulan OST. This song carries a great meaning to me, since I related so much to it when I felt I wouldn't ever be enough to make my parents proud and when I felt I had no identity whatsoever. I know I can sing this song with all the emotion it needs and deserves. 

However, the song only lasts 2-ish minutes, and there are only 10 lines to be sung. I feel like I would have to sing like I've never dared to if I want to even think about passing to the next round, and I fear singing 10 lines might be a direct pass to "better try next year". What do you think? 
Wednesday, August 16th, 2017 05:48 pm

Anyone from Australia?

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 Heh, hi again. I went back to school and I'm already wishing I was resting 24/7 again. I had a quick question! 

Is anyone here from Australia? This semester, I'm taking a class called "Culture of English-speaking Countries", and our first assignment, due next Friday, is to present the basic facts about a country.

My team's country is, you've guessed it, Australia.

I'm in charge of finding out about Australia's government, but I don't trust what the internet tells me. The Australian Government's official site (?) seems pretty good, to be honest. Full of information available for everyone, and there is this thing called myGov (which I won't get into since I'm guessing this is for Australian citizens only...) but it gives me the impression that from there you can access certain government services. Wikipedia says "The Government of the Commonwealth of Australia is a federal, parlamentary, constitutional monarchy", which I will have to look into.

Besides this, I need to figure out who are the most important political figures nowadays. So... I could trust the internet and get my information from there, but if by any chance there is a direct source around here, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 
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Another not-great post *sigh*
I think I might have hurt my mum but I'm so confused that I'm not sure so I don't know what to do. 
So, my family is Catholic, all of us. At the beginning of the year my mum started taking us every Sunday to mass because she felt we had been away from God too long (especially my little brothers since they don't even know what to do in mass). So we started going and we actually enjoyed it (I always did, I just didn't have the means to go to church on my own).
One day, my mum asks me if I would help a friend of hers in their group of Christian mudic during an event (I mentioned this on another post, I think). So I said yes to help, the event passed and my mum has insisted and managed to get me to play during Christian services like 5 times. 
I have expressed that I want to attend mass in our Catholic church and she ignored me. So in Sundays it's either going with her to the Christian service or staying home while she attends the service without us (which I consider unfair because neither my brothers nor I can leave to mass on our own).
So my mum decided we would split our Sundays between the services and mass and I agreed because it's better than nothing at all. I told my dad about this agreement and I mentioned if I hadn't agreed she would leave us home to go to the services every week and my dad said we didn't have to do as she said, that he could take us to mass in the afternoon. And I told him "we'll see" because I wanted to discuss the issue with my mum. 
Turns out she overheard our conversation and has been ignoring me since this happened: 
"Hey mum"
"Mum, are you okay? What's wrong?" 
"Nothing, I'm okay." 
"Why are you not talking to me, then? Did something happen?" 
"I just heard what you said to your dad." 
"What did I say?" 
"Nothing. I'm telling you nothing happened".
And she hasn't even glanced at me after that. Now, I guess I said something that hurt her? But I thought I was talking alone to my dad and I could apologize but I really meant what I said. If I apologize or say I didn't mean it, she'll feel free to keep taking us to the services and I don't feel comfortable there. So... Do I wait or do I apologize? What am I supposed to do in this situation? 
Thursday, October 27th, 2016 03:27 am


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I'm back... To complain about stuff and ask questions. Yeah, hi!

So first of all, today I was walking to my house and I felt a weird uncomfortable ache in my back, I twisted a little and I swear some bone cracked and it was scary as hell, luckily there was no pain or further discomfort after that so... i guess it's okay

Second complaint! Is it bad to like school?
Last week I had to do the "teamwork" worthy of 3 classmates because the website needed to collaborate "suddenly" didn't work on their computers. One side of me was planning on not giving a fuck ans receivinf a failing grade just to show the teacher how damn lazy and easily-defeated they were... But the bigger side of me was terrified of getting a bad grade so I did a pretty awesome but totally unfair work for my team. Later on I received extra points for this, but a really close friend started saying if I couldn't stop doing everyone else's work it was because I liked letting people use me and I felt awful after that.
Like... I'm smart, I know I am and I consider myself pretty lucky because that's the only reason I'm not failing every class at the moment (because I'm lazy and terrified of socializing so I only depend on that lol) so when I find myself working more than my part, I find it unfair, but besides the extra time I don't really "suffer". Anyways, I felt awful and at the same time resigned because I know my classmates won't change... Ever. So I'll still be "used" from time to time and that sucks.
Aaaand I'm the one thar jumps up at the chance of explaining things or doing classwork During the class, and everyone looks at me like I should be doing something else but... Whatever

And finally!!! A question that my English teacher and I argued about yesterday. For a written test I had to write a story.
In said story I wrote "The raindrops felt heavy on my face".
The teacher marked that as a mistake, saying: "The correct way to write it would be 'The raindrops felt heavily on my face' because if you're adding a word after a verb it Must be an adverb"
To which I thought 'Hell no', because "felt heavily" sounds wrong (yeah, I have no real evidence supporting me yet). It kind of sounds like the raindrops were feeling something?
So both the teacher and I ended confused and now I'm asking here because.... Most people here speak English as their first language so you must be reliable sources to solve the dilemma xD
Was it "felt heavy" or "felt heavily"?
Let me know!

Friday, December 19th, 2014 02:38 am


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Blah Blah Block... )
Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 12:19 am


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Questions here... )
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So, after making vague talking on MS with [ profile] mercury973 about some kind of cheerleaders squad... I thought Why the hell not?
It'd be fun. Some way of mentioning every Muse fic I remember (and liked!) I hope to do something good about it. #soon
(I need to learn how to put those marks of "Under the cut" T.T)
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What. The. Fuck.

So, my plans to write at least one short MS fanfic is still there... but I'm not even close to doing it.
Everytime I decide to start, I get attacked with mental questions and problems
I don't know enough english... and everyone's gonna hate it.
I like to read because it makes me happy, but also I don't want to go out there with the stuff in my mind to receive bad criticism... Yeah, I know it's all part of making you a good writer, but I'm a little coward, so I decide not to do it.
The plot is there. The scenes are in my head. My hands are ready to write, but there are some things with the language (I don't know how tell between American english and "English" english) that I need to know before I can write peacefully.
And to know that I need to do lots of research... or ask for help
Sadly, this is where I know close to no one that know how to teach me.
So yeah. It'll be amazing when I write it. Until then... I'll have to keep trying to learn.


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