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Hello there, I'm kinda new to... this kind of pages. I'm introducing myself right now... because, if I end up doing something good here, I'll be lazy and won't do it later
So... my name's Elena... though almost no one calls me that. And I'm here to try to write MS... cause I found out I love the amazing MS stories around here. It's like a hidden heaven of sorts.
Another thing about me... I'm terribly lazy and a big fail at multi-task. I love posting pictures (any kind of silly picture... I'm not picky). And I love drawing... even if I suck at it. I love playing (bass and piano... and some say that I sing good... but I don't believe that) that I'll believe.
What else, what else... I hate talking about myself *cough* shy in person *cough*
English isn't my first language. I love it... but sometimes I find myself asking "what the hell did you say?" You know... because of the  accents and stuff like that. So... if some charitable soul someday wants to help me with that (accents... and slangs!) yeah... comment something, yeah?
Hum... I love blue, and my LJ page is so dark cause I hate it when my eyes burn after I spend hours reading LOL
Someday I'll be famous. Don't ask me how... I just hope I will. I know the future bestseller author... so, yeah... let's hope for the best.
Guess that is all.
I compensate every word I don't speak by writing. That's why I rant a lot. Another fact about me... there. I RANT A LOT
And... again... if someone there feels the remotely remote want to add me as a friend... go ahead(: I'm new and even through my screen I'm nervous ok?

AND THAT'S IT! Really, this time.


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