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I'm about to talk about an issue involving mostly my country, but I think this situation might be present in a lot of cities around the world. I tend to avoid topics surrounding politics and economics since there is never a good answer at the end. We can discuss until the end of the world but I, as an individual will never be able to make a big change. I support trying to do right and I'll always support good political causes if I'm convinced enough but I feel like this time I can speak about this topic since it has had a great impact upon my country and I wish to share it with whoever read this. I want to know if we're the only messed up country, I want to know what troubles exists in those places I do not know. These can be touchy subjects but I'm willing to discuss them. (I'll leave links to most of my sources if you're interested to know more about the Mexican situation right now).

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As people may surely know – they have lived it, they are living it or they will soon – schools are full of stressful situations and obligations that, as rightful students, we have to accomplish in order to get decent grades and a good chance at the always uncertain future. However, there is a thin line between surviving school and getting good grades in school. Because of this, I will discuss the advantages and damages in trying both school-styles.

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