panicnhysteria: (matt)
2017-02-24 08:34 pm

The Ugly Theories

I think my mum is having emotional affairs with one and maybe two men. there is this man she always greets with hugs and kisses to the cheek, even in front of me. Today I saw him because he needed my help playing the bass in some event. He approaches and asks if I'm available next Sunday, all the while his hand grabbing my mother's hip/waist/lower back area. needless to say, my mother said yes for me but I feel so bad and all kind of negative thoughts right now.

i would be all for supporting my mothers happiness but I do not condone cheating and my parents are still together apparently ok and mum says this guy is her best friend but god damnit i have a bad feeling about all this. i know it might not be my bussiness but i feel betrayed and angry that she is flaunting this on my face. knowing im not going to confront her about it because fuck Im the daughter its not my place to do it.