Monday, August 28th, 2017

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Hello again! 

So, against my stage fright, I have decided to participate in yet another singing contest (I offered and no one forced/convinced me so I consider this a great step forwards to stop being so self conscious when I am in front of other people). Rules are the usual: Songs in Spanish are preferred, the song length should not be more than 4 minutes, etc. 

I had some strong song options when I remembered a song I really love: My Reflection, from Mulan OST. This song carries a great meaning to me, since I related so much to it when I felt I wouldn't ever be enough to make my parents proud and when I felt I had no identity whatsoever. I know I can sing this song with all the emotion it needs and deserves. 

However, the song only lasts 2-ish minutes, and there are only 10 lines to be sung. I feel like I would have to sing like I've never dared to if I want to even think about passing to the next round, and I fear singing 10 lines might be a direct pass to "better try next year". What do you think? 


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