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Unfortunate Soul

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Title: Unfortunate Soul
Author: Me, [livejournal.com profile] panicnhysteria
Rating: PG-15? R? I think...
Warnings: Domestic violence, and sadness.
Summary: What happened to that little girl since the moment that her father showed his true self?
Note/Disclaimer: The characters' names are my girlfriend B's property. Every bit of plot implied in here got out of her lovely and crazy mind. She just let me concentrate on that moment. So B, this is some kind of Outtake to your story. Love ya! Originally I wrote this in Spanish, so any kind of mistake in the translating is my fault! Also, writing this made me sad. Just wanted to say that. HEAVILY inspired by Muse's Hoodoo. Hope you like it! (More so, I hope you read it! lol)

The man was sitting in his living room, on the couch, watching the television next to his wife. Even if only a few knew his name, he was known for other reasons.

That man, lovely Belisa's husband. That man, little Summer's father. That man, the most patient person on Earth. A lot of lies surrounded that man.

Belisa was sitting next to his husband, the man that she couldn't stop loving with all of her heart. Every once in a while, she could see that he also loved her, but that feeling was always shaded by a darkness that no one could explain.

After almost losing his wife when Summer was born, the man felt a weird bitterness against the little girl. He wasn't able to give her his love from the beginning. It was a vague way to say: "Yes, yes, I know. We might be united by blood, but I won't forgive you for trying to steal my soul mate from my side".

Mother and daughter, they could notice. Summer, being still so young, only four years old, didn't understand his father's indifference. Instead Belisa could feel her heart breaking everytime Summer ran to her room after another attempt to make his dad happy. She had never talked about it. She'd never know why.

The sound of footsteps running down the stairs distracted the man from his boring hobby, swearing in a low voice.

Perfect. What does she want now?

"Daddy," the girl whispered, happiness radiating from her voice. Belisa glanced at her daughter, noticing the sparkle in her eyes and the beaming smile on her face. "Look, I..."

"Not now, kid." And that was another thing. The man didn't call the girl by her name.

Summer wanted that so bad it made her heart ache. To hear her name coming out of her father's lips, to watch him paying attention, and even to make him smile. The little girl had just discovered she had a loose tooth. The first of many to come. But in Summer's innocent mind, she knew that having a loose tooth wasn't a daily adventure, so it was the perfect chance to impress her father.

Feeling down by his father's obvious indifference, Summer took a deep breath and put herself between her father and the television. "Look, daddy, I..."

She stopped talking when her father cocked his head to the side to keep watching the television. She tried to ignore the huge lump on her throat as she thought of something else to do. Belisa watched everything silently, firmly believing his husband would finally feel the bliss that their little girl could bring him. A little human being, the result of their love. Then the girl looked for love, and the man dissapeared, leaving behind just a cruel being.

Summer got closer to her father and raised her voice. "Look Daddy!" she exclaimed, pulling on his dad's leg. "Look at my tooth! It's-"

Everything happened too fast after an angry "Leave me alone!" that no one had time to react, leaving a deafening silence, even through the noise coming from the television.

Now, Summer was sprawled on the floor, a couple of feet away from where she was a few seconds ago. Her right cheek was showing a bright red color. Tears spilled over her cheeks as her father started feeling a burning sensation in the palm of his hand.

A hopeless sob broke the silence, the girl standing up and running to her bedroom. Belisa got off the couch quickly, not even looking at her husband, following her daughter up the stairs. She knew she could deal with him later. First, she need to see how Summer was feeling.

When she entered the pink little room, she found Summer laying face down on her bed, suffocating her cries on her pillow, breaking her heart slowly. Belisa never thought her husband could do something as cruel as that, and now she saw him on a different light. She got closer to her daughter and gently made her rise her head from the pillow. She was terrified by what she saw.

The red bruise was now close to being purple, and there was a little trickle of blood running down her lip. Summer got the courage to look at her mother's eyes, and smiled. She smiled with all the joy a four year old unfortunate soul can create. She smiled like that for a moment, and then she spoke, her voice broken.

"Mummy, look, I have a loose tooth." And her smile widened, showing her teeth, tinted with a reddish color.

Belisa had to hide her own sobs and hugged her daughter.

"I'm really happy for you, sweetheart. Congratulations," she whispered as silent tears pooled in her eyes.


The man was back to reclining on his couch, watching football games like his life depended on it. He was still waiting for Belisa, and somehow he didn't feel as calm as before. He put his elbows on his knees, trying to concentrate on the screen.

He heard footsteps going slowly down the stairs, and he knew Belisa was close. When the woman was right in front of him, a femenine hand held his chin, forcing him to stand up. The man glanced into Belisa's eyes easily, and she sobbed as she slapped her husband with all the force an angry mother can get.

The man stood there, touching his cheek in disbelief. Belisa wasn't a violent person and he didn't expect that from a woman like her. He opened his mouth to demand an explanation but Belisa started talking with a sad, but firm tone.

"I love you, and you know it". Her hand pointed to the stairs. "But you need to know... that little girl, our daughter, will always come first. Summer tries so hard to get your love, a little bit of attention and you don't even bother enough to try!" The tears appeared again. "What I just did is nothing compared to the pain you have caused."


"Save it!" She was crying with sadness and fury at the moment. "I want you to go up there. Look at your daughter and watch her. I want you to see what kind of father you're becoming" she ordered seriously. "Go and do that, and then come back. I don't want to see you."

With that, Belisa escaped to the safety of her bedroom, locking the door and hoping for the best.

The man still was stunned by her wife's explosion. On his mind, he couldn't believe his actions were that bad, but he knew Belisa, so he went to do what she had told him to do.

He walked up the stairs and stopped right outside Summer's room. He didn't hear anything, so he entered. Once there, he saw his daughter sleeping under the sheets on her back, showing her face, full of dried tears and a huge hand-shaped bruise on her right cheek. The pillow had a small red stain that he didn't want to acknowledge.

What would his mother say if she saw what he did? How was Belisa feeling after watching him do that? For the second time on his life, the man felt the pain of loss. He kneeled beside her daughter's bed and raised his hand to try to touch Summer's pale cheek. The little girl, still asleep but feeling the touch of a hard hand, shivered and shed a tear under her eyelids.

"Please don't, daddy. I'll be good. Please. No", she begged, turning on her bed.

The day he got married, the man had promised Belisa that she'd never have to beg for anything. Watching the little girl doing exactly that, made him feel like a weak human being. Everything crashed over him: His problems, his daughter's pain, Belisa's sadness and his own dissapointment.

He supported his arms on the bed and there, on his knees, he started crying, whispering over and over again:

"I'm so sorry, Summer. Forgive me, please."


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